The Bask & Bins Story

Our Mission

We're Bask & Bins and we believe that the tiniest of feet should be wrapped in the finest quality of threads. In fact we're obsessed with clean living, comfort, tiny feet and little people. Our products are thoughtfully designed right here in the USA and manufactured in Europe, India and Eastern Asia.

Our Products

Every baby deserves the opportunity to be surrounded with clothing that is free of harmful toxins. Our focus on socks, underwear, and undergarments is driven by the impact that chemicals can have on a developing baby, toddler and child. We want our threads to support the natural health and development of infants and toddlers for every moment that they are dressed.

Our Promise

By purchasing fabrics made of organic cotton you are supporting healthy living for your baby and our environment! Processing cotton uses less energy than processing other fibers that are man-made. Join our movement and be a conscious parent for both your baby and our planet!

“When we think about the future of our planet and the children of tomorrow we realize that change has to start today. We envision sustainable fashion as being more than a trend. Bask & Bins looks for more than just low impact, ecologically friendly fibers, we are committed to using plant dyes that are safely compostable and free from toxic finishing agents. Thus creating less harm to both our children and the planet.

We have an obligation as parents to provide every bit of protection possible to our children. It starts with the choices we make from the moment they are born. Surrounding their body in fibers that are safe, soft and free from burdening our planet.”

We’re Bask & Bins, and that’s our movement. Join us in making better choices!

– Diana, Co-Founder


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